Solution 7: Hotfixes

Thanks Shaun for pointing this out. There’s a couple of hotfixes available. Supposedly fixes this error, but I haven’t tried myself since I just recently formatted. Give it shot and post your findings.

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  1. Cartire Says:

    If you have serice pack 1 downloaded for vista, then the hotfixes are already included in that.

  2. admin Says:

    I believe these hotfixes aren’t included in the SP1, but in the upcoming SP2. If you install the SP2 beta, it is also included in that too.

  3. Cartire Says:

    oh, ok i see now. Where can I get info on these hotfixes though. Whaat do they do?>

  4. Cartire Says:

    These sound like pretty legit hotfixes. I just installed them. I’ll report back in a couple days after doing some thurough testing. Anybody notice a difference yet?

  5. admin Says:

    I’m not sure, I haven’t tried them myself since I’m now on XP. I don’t think microsoft has written up a report yet.

  6. Cartire Says:

    What about Windows 7? Anybody get this problem in the Beta?

  7. GermanysMrX Says:

    @Above me:

    Well I just can HOPE… and I’ll try it in the next days…
    But if the error is NOT oder better not ONLY caused by Windows I fear even this won’t do 🙁

  8. Cartire Says:

    Well, It doesnt work. And worse yet, It almost seems like its gotten worse. Uhg, got my hopes up for nothing. On to the next thing.

  9. admin Says:

    Vista SP2 might fix it.

  10. Cartire Says:

    Im trying to email you but i cant find your info. Anyway, I found a solution that seems to be running somewhat solid for me. Uninstall KB952287 hotfix. IT was mentioned on one of the forums with many people reporting positive affect. The only thing is, make sure you inactivate it once installed or else windows will just try to reinstall it. I’ve had about a 2 day trial with it, and pretty positive results.

  11. Cartire Says:

    On Furthur update with this. Have run world in conflict, Fear 2 Demo, Bioshock, and COD 4, all with no crash. Very graphiccly intensive games that have always crashed on me in the past.

  12. admin Says:

    Thanks Cartire. I’m posting your fix now.

  13. Hunter Thomas Says:

    This hotfix made my error worse. After rebooting, I got the ‘nvlddmkm’ error immediately. So, I did a system restore to rid my computer of this hotfix. I too, have high hopes for SP2 but they are getting smaller due to this experience.

  14. everett Says:

    Is there a 64bit version of these Hotfixes?

  15. admin Says:

    I don’t think there is, but if you find an SP2 beta for x64 it should be included there. Otherwise wait for the official release of SP2.

  16. Imho Says:

    Yes there is, MS Update will automatically recognize if you have Vista 64 installed.

    Also, check your power, read my post here. I was put on to that possible culprit by another website and an electrician.

  17. mike Says:

    i installed every vista update avaible via Windows Update, after that i installed the hotfix and i’m running vista straight since a couple of days without a error

  18. everett Says:

    I’ve tried a number of different fixes. The TdrDelay, TMM Disable, and Aero disable. Not sure if it was the best idea, but I didn’t undo one before trying the next. That being said, having left those fixes in place and installing the SP2 Beta I have been running rock solid for a week now.

    Thanks much for this website.

  19. Imho Says:


    Also make sure your RAM has the right voltage as listed on the sticks, not on auto in the bios. Bios defaults ram to 1.85v. My RAM is listed at 2.2v = Big difference when running games.

  20. jamiecoyle Says:

    hi i too have read about theses hotfixes fixing the problem so i went and got the 64bit versions and none of them will install. in fact windows tells me theses updates do not apply to my system…

    by the way so glad to see somebody has dedicated a site just to this prob so helpfull for all of us……… fingers crossed it gets to the bottom of this

  21. Rockabilly Says:

    It was a no go on the hot fixes I’m afraid, same problems, pink artifacts then the black screen and lock up.

  22. gurkansk8 Says:

    I’ve had the nvlddmkm problem for 10 months, but now I have fixed my nvlddmkm problem by doing this: I had 2 RAM Memory and I took 1 of those away and tried 1 at a time in DIMM1. When I had RAM nr1 in DIMM1, It didnt work, but when I tried RAM nr2 in DIMM1, the problem was fixed! It worked for me, so it could work for you to!

  23. Zipline58 Says:

    Is this problem showing up on 8-series cards more often than the 9-series? What about the new 200-series cards? And are ATI cards affected by there version of this problem mire or less often than Nvidia card?

  24. Zipline58 Says:

    I have started seeing the absolute WORST failure yet about a week ago! I was playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare when all of the sudden the screen started going black. It came back a couple of times, and at one point it went MONOCHROME WITH PURPLE WIREFRAME BUILDINGS! CRAZINESS! When I finally managed to exit to the desktop I was assaulted with EVEN MORE CRAZINESS…My desktop looked like a mixed up jigsaw puzzle! Many little blocks of the screen were being rendered in the wrong place!!!! What IS this?????? Has anyone ever seen something like this before?

  25. Zipline58 Says:

    P.S. So far, the only way I am able to reset the display (it does this across multiple monitors as well) is to restart the computer. Since then, one of my fans has went out so I now am suspecting that it was not working properly before and that my video card, RAM, CPU or a comination has been overheating. I am going to try to run Crysis and a couple of non-UnrealEngine games to see if they crash too.

  26. ihos Says:

    Hey admin, im going to install these two hotfixes, i have already extracted both of them.

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