Solution 5: Rollback driver changes to the nForce network controller.

There has been a case where installing nVidia nForce network contoller may have caused the nvlddmkm message. Check your Windows Update history:

  1. Start -> Windows Update -> View Update History
  2. Check to see if there is “Update for NVIDIA nforce networking controller” listed. If so, proceed with the following steps. If not, this solution does not apply to you.
  3. Goto device manager (Control Panel -> Device Manager)
  4. Goto your nForce networking controller (network adapter)
  5. Right click properties -> driver tab -> roll back driver to an earlier version.
  6. Reboot twice.

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  1. Accommodation Says:

    I had the NVLDDMKM repeatedly for about a month on a HP DV9385ea laptop.

    During that time I could see that my video card was about to fail as there was corruption even on the Bios splash screen.

    Initially the problem would correct itself after a while and it would stay stable for a day or a few hours, but eventually I couldn’t boot the laptop at all with the Nvidia drivers enabled.

    At that point I assumed that the video card had fried – it’s a common problem with this model of laptop & Nvidia GEforce 7600 GO card, (there has even been a recall on some models – Google it) so I sent the laptop back to HP under warranty for them to replace the motherboard which has the Nvidia graphics chip built in.

    My laptop returned three days ago with a brand new motherboard and a brand new copy of Vista on the hard drive as well. I booted up and all was fine – no NVLDDMKM crashes! No more screen corruption.

    But here is the thing: before I sent the machine to HP I cloned the hard drive with an exact copy of the machine’s state before it went for repair.

    When I put that hard drive back in the machine it immediately crashed with NVLDDMKM! I cannot boot the machine with the old hard drive at all without it crashing.

    I always suspected that it was a software problem (Nvidia Drivers) that was causing the Nvidia Graphics Chip to fail, and I think that may have been confirmed by the above.

    If I put the new hard drive with the nw version of Vista back into the laptop it is perfectly stable with Nvidia drivers. The driver version that the machine came back from repair with was incidentally.

    So, drawing on advice found on your site and elsewhere I booted the machine into safe mode with the old hard drive in it. I went to /Windows/system32 folder and removed everything with an NV prefix. I then rebooted into safe mode and installed Nvidia drivers from the new version of Vista onto the cloned hard drive.

    The machine booted with the Nvidia drivers without a problem. It seems absolutely stable on both hard drives now.

    So what does this mean?

    I think it means that:

    1) Something within Nvidia software is causing this problem. It may well be caused by updating drivers from either Nvidia or Microsoft.

    2) Once the problem starts it is very difficult to get rid of – it affects the graphics chip, perhaps permanently, and may well be responsible for video cards burning out.

    3) A new copy of Vista with the original correct Nvidia video drivers and a new motherboard/graphics chip seems to cure it!

    My immediate advice based on my experiences of this problem is never, never update your Nvidia drivers from what was on your machine originally. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    A long comment, but I am sure it my help someone figure out what the problem is with their machine.

  2. ihos Says:

    Hey Admin, i’ve got problems. This Error i have with a 9800gt. It worked first two hours of use then error driver crashed but fully recovered. Everytime i try to go into any of my three os’s, i get the nvlddmkm error. I have to boot into safe with networking to go on the internet. I have two Vista’s and Win 7 Ultimate. Vista Home Basic, Ultimate and Win 7 Ultimate. Thank you man, i just got the card.

  3. ihos Says:

    oooh my system specs are

    my three os’s above ^^
    Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.2 ghz
    Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
    5.1 Realtek HD Audio
    3 gb Ram
    nForce 620i Motherboard

    I have an Onboard video card i have no trouble with but i dont want to use. It’s a Nvidia GeForce 7050 256 mb. But i really want to use the 9800 gt

    Thankzz man.

    Please Email me asap

  4. admin Says:

    hi ihos
    have you tried all of the solutions on this website already?

  5. ihos Says:

    no, man, im now gonna try it man sorry lol, piece

  6. ihos Says:

    Hey admin, man i’ve now tried everything, no difference.

  7. admin Says:

    alright well, your last option is to contact your manufacturer of your card about this. Most of the time they’ll ask you to send the card in for repair.

  8. ihos Says:

    i just can’t get it. When i first bought the card which was yesterday, it worked good with windows 7 really smooth man i played some nice games L4D, L4D2, GTA IV, COD WAW. Man i got GTA IV and L4D 2 at a supprising 60 fps. Then I think it crashed. Its said something about the driver crashed and recovered. When i tried to restart I start getting the blue screen.

  9. admin Says:

    well if you just got the card, your best bet is to return the card back to the manufacturer and get it repaired. it’s still under warranty.

  10. ihos Says:

    yeah but, im only like 14yrs. But then i got the card yesterday. im doubting anything is wrong with it. Because like it worked, i played games. Man its expensive. If everybody is getting problems then it cant be the card damaging. Then every card is getting damaged like WTF. This is BFG expensive brand. 200 bucks. Do you think i should put back my onboard card, install drivers, Then Disable it and then put in the new 9800 then install drivers just like i did yesterday. Should i.

  11. admin Says:

    well i don’t see what else you can do. try it.

  12. ihos Says:

    Hey admin btw how do i get back my onboard card to work?

  13. admin Says:

    just plug in your monitor to your onboard video card and it should work (at least the power up screen should show). If it goes into windows and goes blank, you may need enable the default video card in BIOS. Since every motherboard differs in BIOS, you need to consult your motherboard manual.

  14. ihos Says:

    ok, imma shut down, Take my precious 9800gt (lol) and then put in the vga into my onbord and see if anything happens, ill talk to you guys on my laptop.

  15. ihos Says:

    ok now everythings perfect with the onboard card. Full 1600×900 res.

    Now imma disable and uninstall ok.

  16. ihos Says:

    k, know what, badd news, same error, lol BSOD.

  17. ihos Says:

    hey admin, i just watched a youtube vid, I saw everyone who watched the vid uninstalled vista and put in a diff os WORKED man, imma try that. I have 3 partitions, Imma do it in the 60 gig partition. Ok man.

  18. admin Says:

    of course
    windows XP does not have this issue.

  19. ihos Says:

    i canèt install xp because somehow my hardware is not compatible with xp. it just gives a bsod on installing xp.

  20. ihos Says:

    i get this prob also with the 7. My only other choice is 7. Doyou think installing 7 freshly will make a difference.

  21. ihos Says:

    Hey, i am fucking supprised. I fully looked at my mobo and this is rare right. It had IDE and SATA ports. Man it had 1 ide, 1 fdd, and 4 sata ports. I gave away an old ide hdd (100gb) when i didnot know i had an ide port. And that hdd had xp already installed. man fuck me!! i could have just fixed it and just like fuck nvlddmkm, lol.

  22. admin Says:

    that’s odd, xp should have the most compatibility. any hardware should work with xp.

  23. ihos Says:

    thats weird right

    look at this, its what im taking about

  24. admin Says:

    Actually for the IDE port, it’s not weird. It’s common for motherboards to have SATA + IDE ports. My Foxconn ELA motherboard has 6 SATA + 1 IDE ports.

  25. ihos Says:

    Ohh ok, i though it was rare. Now XP is not supported on my system. Everytime i boot to install xp i get BSOD or if i boot from a pre-installed xp hard disk (ide), i gte bsod. Soo yeah. now i installed a fresh vista and all drivers. I check everyone, MOBO, networking, chipset and all those. Now BSOD every start up lol.

    Attemp to Reset the driver. LOL the subject.

    Fuck Nvlddmkm.sys its costing us too much.

  26. admin Says:

    XP needs to be installed freshly on your computer. you can’t just take someone else’s windows xp or xp from another computer and put it in your own.

  27. ihos Says:

    no its not that, i cannot boot from an XP cd either. i will get BSOD.

  28. ihos Says:

    Like on the install screen when you put in the disc while running vista, the “Install Windows XP” on the menu is greyed out, also “Check System Compatibility” is Gryed out, can’t click it.

  29. ihos Says:

    Hey admin, I have two more PSU’s. One is a 535 watt and the other was the stock i got with my PC. But this 535 watt was from an older pc. It has a 20 pin connector into the MO/BO while the stock one had a 24 pin connector (Which the port is on the mobo). Do you think i can put this powerful 535 watt (20 pin connector) into the 24 pin connector on my mobo?

  30. admin Says:

    you might need some sort of converter from another cable. the computer might power on, but will not boot unless you have all 24 plugged in.

  31. ihos Says:

    Hey i think i still have time returning my card, so do you think the GTS 250 will have this problem?

  32. admin Says:

    as long as you have enough watts to run the card, it should be fine.

  33. ihos Says:

    Ohh ok, because i think im going today to return my 9800gt and $13 more and get it.

  34. ihos Says:

    but holy shit, i only have 25o watt psu, Shit, i dont have money for psu, lol

  35. ihos Says:

    hey it said it

    Slots required …. 2

    Does it means i have to have 2 pci x16 slots?

  36. admin Says:

    um, i think it’ll need 1 slot, but the card would be extremely thick that the next slot will be blocked off. so 1 16x should be ok. but you should double check it.

  37. ihos Says:

    ooh its true, i now figured it out, today i went today at futureshop, i return my card (successful). and i took back my money ($169 CAD). Unfortunately i did not buy any other card because i wanted to come home and get a recommendation from you., I want to know which card is the best.

  38. ihos Says:

    hey i would like you to do me a favor. I want to know which card should i take here.

    Check the best within the prices $139 and $179.
    a good card should be as good as the 9800gt or better. and a card that is not defective of nvlddmkm. Thank you man!!

  39. admin Says:

    Check for the latest benchmarks. I’m not sure which one will not have nvlddmkm error since it isn’t prone to only one model, any card could have the nvlddmkm error. Also the ATI cards have the atikmdag error which is similar or the same as the nvlddmkm error. In my opinion, the card with the least amount of power needed will have a better chance of not having the error, but that’s just my guess.

  40. ihos Says:

    Hey Admin, I bought the GTS 250 and a new 500 watt psu man no nvlddmkm error now man. I just hope they fix it for you guys. Thanks Man..

  41. admin Says:

    Glad to hear it.

  42. ihos Says:

    no error yet, gaming 9 hours straight. then 12 hrs yesterday playing GTA IV, but not soo good, choppy, about 10- 20 fps. but 60+ Left Dead 1and 2. And CODWAW.

  43. ihos Says:

    hey admin what’s the latest, damm here enjoying myself man how r you man

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