Solution 4: Small fixes.

  1. Try a different set of ram sticks in your computer.
  2. Downclock your video clock speeds and/or ram speeds.
  3. Run memory tests overnight (Google memtest). I’ve found Prime95 to be quick in finding any bad memory sticks you may have.
  4. Install better cooling solutions to your video card/case.
  5. Turn off Aero theme (control panel -> Personalize -> Theme -> Windows Classic
  6. Administrative tools > Task Scheduler > Scroll down till you see TMM. Double click ‘TMM’. Right click it and select disable.
  7. Right click a shortcut to whatever game you are running -> properties -> compatibility mode -> set it for Windows XP. Then run the game.

15 Responses to “Solution 4: Small fixes.”

  1. Cartire Says:

    So, I too have had thie problem forever, and have tried almost every fix mentioned.

    I do notice though, and for some of you this might help too, that if I turn my GPU’s fan speed to 100% while gaming, I get it less frequently. And I tested this by turning the fan down to 60%, and got the error non stop.

    Whats weird though, is some graphiclly intense games can actually recover from this error sometimes.

    Left 4 Dead will stutter, and all i have to do is ctrl-alt-del and not close anything, and just go back in, and it works.

    COD4 will go black, but half the time, come back.
    Every other game just stops or crashes.

    So thie error is retarded, but Im wondering why some games can handle recover and some cant. What do they know that we dont …..

  2. admin Says:

    I too have noticed that it might be a temperature issue. When I’m watching videos, they are perfect for about the first 20 minutes. Then a couple of minutes later, I would start to see tears on the video. Later the screen would go blank, and appear again with the driver display recovery message.

  3. Thierry Says:

    Had this problem ever since i bought my new laptop 7 months ago. I can’t believe Microsoft or Nvidia made a fix yet.. since i see forums from early 2007 that report this problem.

    I was gonna try the #2- Downclock your video clock speeds and/or ram speeds.

    How do I do this?

  4. admin Says:

    If you have an evga card, you can download the evga precision utility: . If not, you can try RivaTuner as well: . Overclocking tutorial for 9600GT for example:,1916-3.html .
    For downclocking ram, you’ll have to google up your motherboard bios options as it is very different for each motherboard. It also depends on what kind of ram you have.

  5. Thierry Says:

    I have a Nvidia GeForce 9500M GS turbocache card.

  6. Thierry Says:

    Didn’t work for me =/.

  7. aeterna789 Says:

    My nvlddmkm problem was caused by bad RAM. I returned the ram and got new ones and its working great.

  8. jamiecoyle Says:

    nothing works expect uninstallin vista iv found!! astla vista i think

  9. Spiny Says:

    I fixed my error!

    I popped open my case and took a can of compressed air to it. When I pulled out the video card, I found that it was caked in dust to the point that gaps in the fan and heat sink were filled in. After cleaning, I have had no problems at all!

  10. HellRaider Says:

    6. Administrative tools > Task Scheduler > Scroll down till you see TMM. Double click ‘TMM’. Right click it and select disable.

    The sixth step seems it fixed my BSOD 🙂

  11. gurkansk8 Says:

    I’ve had the nvlddmkm problem for 10 months, but now I have fixed my nvlddmkm problem by doing this: I had 2 RAM Memory and I took 1 of those away and tried 1 at a time in DIMM1. When I had RAM nr1 in DIMM1, It didnt work, but when I tried RAM nr2 in DIMM1, the problem was fixed! It worked for me, so it could work for you to!

  12. Zipline58 Says:

    Is this problem showing up on 8-series cards more often than the 9-series? What about the new 200-series cards? And are ATI cards affected by there version of this problem mire or less often than Nvidia card?

  13. ihos Says:

    i have the 9800gt i BOUGHT YESTERDAY!!

  14. shaneh Says:

    I have a Geforce GTX 9800+ and I started freaking out because I gradually got this error more and more. I blow the dust out of the computer on semi-regular occasions, but I have never actually taken out the card and examined it. Turns out the card fan was completely covered in dust. I mean burried.

    I got rid of the dust and have not had the error for weeks. I used to get it maybe 1/day playing WOW, and I could not play SC2 or NWN2, game always crashed <5 mins into. Now I am playing SC2 and NWN2 without any problems at all.

    I feel stupid that the fix was so simple, I tried everything else on this site, and it was as simple as an overheating issue.

  15. b.langlos Says:

    Solution 5 seems to work for me. (Hopefully)
    One hour now, without Problems.


    AMD Phenom II Quad 955 4×3200 Mhz
    ASUS M4N68T-M LE
    4096 MB DDR3 PC-1333
    1024 MB Geforce GTX 465 DirectX 11
    600W LC-POWER Silent-Deluxe

    Windows 7 64bit

    THX so far. Great side, hope my Probs are gone now…

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