Solution 3: Windows Update

Now if you aren’t running Windows Vista SP1 and refuse to install it, run this patch. Several users have reported that this patch fixes the issue. This patch is already included the SP1 update however.

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  1. lawrence Says:

    Is this an Nvidia issue?

    I’m thinking of buying an ATI card, but I want to be sure first.

    The file says NVLDDMKM, so I’m guessing the first letters NV, indicate ‘nvidia’??

  2. admin Says:

    Actually, this issue also applies to the ati cards. The ati cards receive the message “atikmdag stopped responding and has recovered.” Unfortunately I don’t have an ATI card, so I’m not sure if any of these methods apply to the ATI card.

  3. lawrence Says:

    So – what exactly is the fix to fix this?

    I tried these 4 steps mentioned in this site.

    Hopefully, this issue can be solved software-wise…before I try to buy a new graphics, ati, card.

  4. lawrence Says:

    What buggs me big time is…this just happened out of nowhere yesterday.

    It’s not like I performed a recent hardware of software upgrade, which issues can arise there.

    I was just going about my typical routine, and boom…this issue arised.

    I have antivirus and firewall, so I doubt it’s somekind of virus from the web.

  5. admin Says:

    I’m still having the problem as well. I originally had an ATI x800 and had the same problem. So I sold the x800 and I bought a nVidia 9600GT. Same problem. I don’t think you should buy a new graphics card just because of this problem, mainly because that the problem still might occur. I’ve tried all the methods posted on this website too and I still have the error. There has yet to be a permanent solution to this. So this site is just a gathering of all the fixes available. Though I’m beginning to think that this is either a motherboard issue or a cpu issue as those are the only things I have yet to replace.
    Anyways, can you post your system specs just for reference?

  6. lawrence Says:

    Could it be a possibility that my video card is failing?

    That’s what I thought at first, because the screen had all these light squiggly lines.

    But that can’t be the issue, because it shows fine in normal computing. Only in games and television does the screen flicker and go to bsod.

  7. admin Says:

    that could be the video card failing if you see artifacts, I would send it in for repair before you do anything else.

  8. lawrence Says:

    My machine is pretty basic.

    Intel 3ghz
    2gb ddr ram.
    512mb 8600GT
    Win Vista

    I only spent like $300 for it about 1.5 years ago.
    None of the fancy high end chips in here, but big in numbers.

  9. admin Says:

    what intel processor is that?

  10. lawrence Says:

    I don’t know, all it says is:

    Intel Pentium D 3ghz.

    My issue might be a failing video card. I’m going to go to Walmart tommorow, to temporary buy a video card to try to see if this is the problem. But my same scenario description also describes this NVLDDKM issue.

  11. lawrence Says:

    But suppose if this is a video card issue, in my case…won’t the entire screen be jarbled, and not just in games?

  12. admin Says:

    It could be that the fan or whatever cooling solution you have on the video card is defective and thus not cooling the video card well. Games tend to heat the video card to high temperatures.

  13. lawrence Says:

    I bought a temp. replacement card from Walmart today…a low end PCI geforce 6200 256mb

    and my games actually run!

  14. Pieter Says:

    Hello, here is a weird one:

    I have been running on a 7800GTX card for a while, and decided to upgrade. Got myself a 9500GT DDR 2 1 GB, but performance was no good. Then found a 9600GT DDR3 1GB, and then the problems started:
    ‘Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered’
    So I go back to the 7800GTX on the same system, and all is fine, xcept the DX10 shaders obviously…
    Is this HW or SW…?!?

    Gigabyte 945GCM-S2C board
    Intel Core Duo 2.33GHz processor
    2 GB memory
    650W power supply (new – thought it was this first)
    Vista Business ed sp1

  15. admin Says:

    There’s a lot of causes that produces the same nvlddmkm problem. The problem can be in the HW or SW.

  16. Gary Says:

    This is getting to be a real pain.
    Been running 8800GT for the past year,then got this problem last week.At first I thought it was the card failing,card is fine in safe mode,start up normally and I get a pixellated screen.
    I put an old 6600LE card in,absolutely fine.
    I even ended up formatting because I was convinced it was software and not hardware.After formatting I put the 8800GT back in.Been absolutely fine UNTIL NOW!! Bloody error back again.Not going to format again,so have put 6600LE back in in the hope of a solution,looks like I got more chance of winning lottery though.Just cant believe this problem has never been resolved.

  17. Alex Says:

    Im having a ati radeon hd4870x2 and having the same problem, only with a different driver: atikmdag.sys

    So, this is to the people who are thinking about swapping to ati. We have the same problem.

    My system wont even boot and crash into a bsod with a atikdag.sys failure message.

    just fyi

  18. Craig Says:

    I read above that the video card could be failing if i see ‘artifacts’. If I start in safe mode I don’t see any artifacts. So, before I got buy a new card to replace my 8500-GT, could it still be failing if I don’t see the artifacts in safe mode. I get the same nvlddmkm.sys stopped, restarted, and finally crashes error that I see comments on. It seems if I limit my applications, and stay away from any video, internet, etc. then it will run a little longer before finally crashing. thanks for your help

  19. Leopoldo Says:

    VGA: Leadtek WinFast GeForce 8800 Ultra 768MB
    CPU: Core2Quad 2.66MHz
    RAM: OCZ DDR2 800MHz 3GB
    MB: ASUS P5Q Pro
    OS: Vista Ultimate
    Driver: nVidia 182.08 WHQL

    Constantly crunching BOINC CPU and CUDA workunits – so, the GPU is very busy all time. No overclocking. GPU fan was set to 90% by RivaTuner. Case is server InWin Q500 with additional fans (2 x 120mm + 2 x 80mm creates airflow inside case, 2 x 80 mm creates airflow outside of the case) – so overheat wasn’t seen.

    3D games wasn’t run. Downloaded and installed “Galaxy online” client – and “nvlddmkm error” was every client start after several seconds…

    Chosen Solution3 (MS patch “”
    ) + manual setting 3D to “performance” in NVidia Control Panel -> no more “nvlddmkm” errors 🙂

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