Solution 2: Setting the time delay before display driver recovery.

This method is a bit more risky since it involves editing your registry so be warned!
1. Goto registry editor (start -> run -> regedit)
2. Navigate yourself to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers (make sure GraphicsDrivers is highlighted).
3. Right click -> New -> DWORD (32-bit) value -> Name it: TdrDelay -> double click it -> Set it to A (hexadecimal) or 10 (decimal).

The reason for doing this is because the default value before Vista tries to recover the display driver is 2 seconds. When you are playing games or watching HD videos, the display driver is doing complicated calculations and Vista may think it has stopped responding. By prolonging the delay, you’ll receive the message less often and hopefully completely gone.

UPDATE: I’ve just tried this again. What happen is that my computer would freeze for 10 seconds, then display the message. So if your delay before the message appears has been increased to 10 seconds, I suggest setting the delay to 1 second instead until you find a permanent fix.

UPDATE2: Try turning off the timeout detection:

  1. Regedit.
  2. Navigate to: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers
  3. Add the following DWORD: TdrLevel and set the value to 0.
  4. Reboot.

See this Microsoft support page for more information.

10 Responses to “Solution 2: Setting the time delay before display driver recovery.”

  1. Cartire Says:

    What are the risks of turning off the timeout detection?

    I have seen this solution before but no one has commented anywhere what has happened with it.

  2. admin Says:

    One of two things.
    1. You problem has been completely fixed.
    2. You will still get a blank screen, but it will not follow with the “Display Driver has stopped responding”. Basically it’ll crash without recovering.

    The reason for situation 1 is when your Vista thinks your video card has crashed when your video card is actually doing complex calculations (example: highly detailed games where you are getting 10 fps or less). Disabling or delaying timeout detection will fix the problem.
    The reason for situation 2 is most likely due to your motherboard or ram (from my experience). I currently experience situation 2, I have already replaced my ram with no luck. I’m going to try the motherboad next. If you experience situation 2, re-enable the timeout detection.

  3. Vega Says:

    I think update 2, disabling timeout detection has fixed the problem for me. Before I would get the display driver stopped responding in Eve-online within a couple minutes. Now I have been running two clients for about an hour with no problems. I will keep testing for another few hours and will report back if I encounter any issues.

  4. Vega Says:

    Tried both versions of this fix, and although happening less frequently, the issue still remains.

  5. Dyllan Says:

    I have noticed that programs that uses can cause this problem. For me it was SETI@Home set to the “run always” setting that made my computer crash.

  6. Joe Says:

    does it matter which value you do? there is two on my pc DWORD(32 bit) and QWORD(64 bit) and im running vista 64 bit. So which value should i use?

  7. admin Says:

    dword 32 should do it. But as always, back up your computer before doing any registry work!

  8. CRutgerXryzis Says:

    I found the problem for me,
    just, the next time that you repartiton your pc,
    and you have an Asus motherboard, dont install its drivers. I have an P5Q pro and after I didnĀ“t install the update program, the probe and all that sh’t, i never got the problem that install
    my guess its neither microsoft, nvidia or ati. but idk if all u guys have an asus motherboard ofcoarse xDxD

  9. Zipline58 Says:

    Is this problem showing up on 8-series cards more often than the 9-series? What about the new 200-series cards? And are ATI cards affected by there version of this problem mire or less often than Nvidia card?

  10. RyanMeray Says:

    This just fixed the problem for me. Fresh install of Win7 x64, fresh install of latest nVidia drivers, and the 9400GT gave the error every time I ran the Win7 system performance tool. I used the tdrlevel 0 fix and now the performance analysis finishes and Aero works great. THANK YOU!

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