Solution 12: Disable Dreamscene

I’ve thought I posted this already, but I haven’t. Anyways people have reported that disabling Dreamscene (playing video in the background) will fix the problem. To disable Dreamscene:  Goto appearance and personalization in Control Panel. Select Personalization. Select Desktop Background. Select any thing other than Windows Dreamscene Content. Select a background and click Ok. That should disable Dreamscene.

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  1. Ralph Says:

    I was getting nvlddmkm error every few days. Now that I disabled Dreamscene my computer stays on for weeks without errors.
    Dreamscene is one of the few programs officially acknowledged in the nvidia driver release notes as cause of nvlddmkm error.
    Dreamscene is a nice looking program but unfortunately is not compatible with Windows.

  2. fiutare Says:

    I have dreamscene disabled and I’m getting the error every now and then. Today when I was working with Google SketchUp.

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