Solution 11: Disable Powermizer

Thanks to skym0903 for this tip. Disabling nVidia’s Powermizer feature may help move this error.  He says that whenever he gets this error, he notices that the core clock changes. The reason for this is that the Powermizer feature downclocks your video card so it would save energy. Perhaps changing clocks in the middle of the game might be causing the nvlddmkm error so disabling the Powermizer feature will remove the problem. To turn this off in Windows Vista follow this link.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Just a quick note to people,

    Try running 3d Mark Vantage and see if you get any artifacting(e.g. black flashes on the screen, irregular patterns etc). I managed to return my card as it turned out it was a faulty GPU! If you card is still under warranty return it and demand a replacement!

  2. max_bax Says:

    hi everyone,i’m having same problem,tried lots of diff treats,nothing works,so,bcoz i have spare evga 8800 ultra i did replacement and error is gone now,should i rma my another graphic card? And also how it works in uk,if company doesn’t have replacement,can i expect full refund,which is 474£?

  3. Matt Says:

    If they don’t have the same brand card they will just give you the same card but from a different manufacturer.

    Otherwise they should give you a different card which is around the same price you paid.

    I recently returned my Leadtek 9800GTX+ and they didn’t stock those anymore so I got a XFX 9800GTX+ XXX instead.

  4. Tom Says:

    This tip did not work

  5. MichaelM Says:

    All tips do not work. BSOD or comp freezing after 3…5… 30 minutes. Impossible to do work.

    OS: Win 2008 Server Standart English
    GPU: Nvidia FX 5200.

    P.S.: Just installing a Win XP corporate.

  6. leroyk Says:

    This actually worked for me on a GTX 260 card.

  7. Undertow Says:

    THIS WORKED! TYVM! I am running windows 7 32bit and was getting game crashes with almost every game after only 5min of play. Killed powermizer with NvgpuPro, problem solved!

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