Solution 10: Remove unnecessary power from motherboard.

In my previous solution (solution 9) I’ve suggested to remove PCI cards (mainly TV Tuner cards). The problm was not the pci card itself but the external power it needed. There was a connector that I plugged in from my PCI card to the motherboard. When I removed the PCI cards, the power connector was removed. Now I’ve re-added the TV tuner cards without plugging the external power and everything is fine. So check your power plugs and remove any unwanted power!

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  1. skym0903 Says:

    Hi I would like to inform you(webmaster) another method that has worked for me. I don’t know where to post it to… I’ve been doing research ever since I got my new laptop. Please email me. Thanks

  2. admin Says:

    Hi skym0903
    Simply post your method as a new comment. If it seems like a worthy solution, I’ll post it on the front page. 🙂

  3. skym0903 Says:

    Ok I’ve been doing research for a month since I bought my new laptop with 9800m gts.

    First I tried everything from switching out nvlddmkm to testing out all my hardware.

    I thought it was my motherboard but i didn’t have that choice since i’m out of town.

    Finally heres what I did.

    Everytime I had the error I noticed the core clock was changed/or changing. I had the randoom crash problem unlike some other people who are having this problem only with heavy gaming.
    So I was thinking that it had to do with the POWERMIZER. (I was having problems with both XP 32 bit and Vista 64 bit)

    So basically I turned off the Powermizer and Finally I don’t have the problem anymore!!!

    It’s easy to turn it off in XP.

    1. Right click on Desktop.

    2. Go to Nvidia Control Panel.

    3. Then go to Powermizer and just turn off the feature.

    4. Reboot.

    For vista it was trickier since vista manages the gpu and need to change via registry.
    friggin vista…

    I found the guide to change it in the registry.
    Here is the first one with the pictures.

    If that doesn’t work and you don’t like to mess with the registrys. Heres the Powermizer Switch to change it with 1 click.

    I think xsmiles wrote this… I’m not taking credit for anything just tried to get my system stable.

    Also I don’t know if this works on a Desktop…
    Please let me know.

    Next I’m going to try ntune to downclock when I’m not playing a game. I don’t want the card to overheat… Anyways thanks for making this site and hope this fixes it for some people!!

  4. gurkansk8 Says:

    I’ve had the nvlddmkm problem for 10 months, but now I have fixed my nvlddmkm problem by doing this: I had 2 RAM Memory and I took 1 of those away and tried 1 at a time in DIMM1. When I had RAM nr1 in DIMM1, It didnt work, but when I tried RAM nr2 in DIMM1, the problem was fixed! It worked for me, so it could work for you to!

  5. Zipline58 Says:

    Is this problem showing up on 8-series cards more often than the 9-series? What about the new 200-series cards? And are ATI cards affected by there version of this problem mire or less often than Nvidia card?
    I am thinking about upgrading my rig or simply flat-out building an entirely new one…should I go ATI this time? I’m wondering if ATI supports PhysX stuff, or if that’s a strictly-Nvidia thing?

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